Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Illustration Friday: "Sight"


One day in the spring of 1887 Helen Keller, then almost 7 years old, learned that there were names and words for everything.  Her teacher, Anne Sullivan, spelled the word "w-a-t-e-r" over and over into the palm of one of Helen's hands while running water over her other hand at the family pump.  Helen's world opened up and her life was changed forever.

I enjoyed reading about Helen this week while working on this illustration. Here are links to some of the sites I especially liked:

Helen Keller Kids Museum - Ask Keller
The Story of My Life.
Helen Keller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Helen Keller Foundation for Research & Education


  1. Helen Keller's story is so inspiring...and your wonderful illustration captures it beautifully! It's so classic! GREAT line work!

  2. A wonderful illustration of an inspiring subject; their expressions are perfect!

  3. You have a wonderful drawing style.

  4. This is a lovely, tender illustration...I especially like the way the teacher is drawn, seeming to be quite loose but with great control.

    I had forgotten about Helen Keller's story, thanks for the links.

  5. Beautiful illustration! I love Helen's expression.

  6. Hi

    You've chosen a very relevant subject matter and executed it beautifully. I like your drawing for 'Swamp' too.

    Thanks for commenting on my 'Sight'. I was so pleased with myself for putting the post up within 24 hours of the PREVIOUS one for 'Kernel'. Unfortunately, although I like the drawing it's not that interesting! However, YOU found something to say. The dots are from a scan of a T-shirt!

  7. I love this scene in Helen Keller's life (as a child, I loved this scene in the movie, too)and you've illustrated it so well. You make such good choices with your compositions and your line weight...lovely.

  8. Laurie, I'm just wandering around your blog for the first time and your work is so lovely. This is great! Even now weeks later I think it's the best illo for sight. Unique and beautiful!!

  9. Had to come over and check out your blog because this drawing was GREAT!