Thursday, July 28, 2011

First digital painting!

It's about time I tried painting (not just coloring) in Photoshop, so today I did and I love it!  I didn't take the time to develop a good drawing because I just wanted to play, but what the heck?  Now there will be something to look back on if and when I improve!

My favorite things about it, at least today, are the lack of mess, the ease of changing things, and the almost instant gratification.  Nothing had to dry.  And there is no fear of messing up.  Very freeing.


  1. Wow! Thjat is your first attempt? Terrific. I see a digital future for you Laurie. You should have seen my first attempt. I sis a sleeping dog.... it looked more like a dirty goat in the gutter. :o) I love your perennial illustration too. Very nice!

  2. Fabulous work for a first attempt!

  3. Excellent! Your gonna kick but with this medium! My hope has been to make the medium ambiguous - make them think twice before deciding what it's executed in.