Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Illustration Friday: "Identical"

I'm calling this week "vector week" and making myself do any personal work in Adobe Illustrator.  I think vector skills will be good for me in the long run and, hey, I might fall in love with it!  This illustration is 100% vector art, created in Illustrator.  It took what felt like a long time to do but I think speed in the program will definitely come with time.  But I had fun!

ADDED 9/5/2012:

I got a request in a comment to post a more detailed view of one of the faces.  It's great idea!  I'm posting all three.  There's nothing too fancy here;  just simple shapes on several layers!


  1. Niiiice! Are those custom brushes you used, or are they standard Illustrator? A detail on one of the faces would be great.

    1. Thanks! I made the brushes but all I did was make small sizes of a basic round calligraphic brush and set it to "pressure". The default sizes made lines that were way too thick.

      I'll edit the post and add details on the faces. Fair warning though: there's nothing fancy about them! They are really just made from simple shapes.

  2. you ae definitely mastering working those vectors1 The illustration looks great! And... perfect for the If topic!

  3. While I draw by hand these days, I drew in illustrator a lot back in my graphic design days. You make it look so easy...these are amazing!

  4. This is a great take for this theme! These ladies look like they are having so much fun - even if they are wearing the same dress! Great one!

    xo - Brandi

    PS - thank you for stopping by my blog!

  5. I really like this interpretation - they're wearing identical dresses, but each have thier own individual style. Fun illo!!

  6. Really wonderful! I missed this entry last week too, arrgh! I think you're right that vector art will serve you well AND you will get quicker with it. I haven't done any but it looks like you've got a great handle on it already.

    I really like the very different looks you got with the dress. My favorite thing is that great hat! (And that girl reminds me of a younger Meg Ryan!)

  7. Thanks for your comment, I'm sorry for my late response!!!!! :)