Saturday, February 9, 2013

House Red With Mermaid

While I was waking up one day last week I imagined an image of a tiny mermaid, bored in a glass of wine.  It seemed like it could be kind of fun to draw, so instead of forgetting about it as I usually do with that kind of thing, I made this illustration.  I like it!  It's a little weird, but so what.  It could happen, right?

It's a crow quill pen and ink drawing on Strathmore Mixed Media paper/board.  I find that board takes ink very nicely.  Colored pencil looks good on it too, as does watercolor.  I wouldn't use it to do a watercolor painting or anything where the watercolor should be the focus.  But it works great for coloring an ink drawing with watercolor, where I want the ink drawing to be the focus!  It even allows me to rework a watercolor area a little bit without it looking "scrubby".  One bad thing about it is that it's too thick for me to trace a sketch onto it using a light table.  I have to trace with a transfer paper.  All in all it's a really nice, useful, great-looking paper.  Give it a try sometime!

"House Red With Mermaid" is available in my Society6 shop.


  1. Hey Laurie, your products look great. Sales can be slow at first but pick up seasonally. I can see you sales really picking up soon. Also sorry to here you images were stolen and sold by someone else. Have you tried searching for your images by using Google "search by image"??
    Hope this helps.

  2. A fine job on this one.

  3. That's a sweet illustration and all the more special because it's something strange that popped into your head! Beautiful linework, it must take some time to complete.

  4. LOVE THIS, Laurie! From the curl of her tail, to her expertly drawn fingers!!! And now you've got me wanting to try out that board!

  5. Very cool idea and wonderfully executed! Your pen work is just wonderful.

  6. love, love love <3 (Isn't it obvious??) -Winebbler <3