Friday, February 27, 2015

Haunting a House

The address has been obscured.

This is a custom haunted house portrait that I recently completed.  A client sends me a couple of clear pictures of their house and I draw it in pen and ink as a whimsical, creepy-cute haunted house!  For this one, my customer wanted their address included in the art and their dog chasing a black cat.

This was an 8"x10" paper size to fit in a standard frame.  I used Strathmore watercolor paper, a crow quill pen (Hunt nib 102) and Higgins Black Magic ink.  Here are a few process shots:

First pencil rough on left, Photoshop edit on right

Retraced final sketch

Transferred to watercolor paper and ready for ink

Inking in progress, address obscured

I do these custom house portraits through my Etsy shop.  For now the listing there is for 4x6, but 5x7, 6x8 and 8x10 can be requested.  Below is another completed house, this one at 6"x8".

The ravens were my client's idea!


  1. I just love this one, Laurie!! And the way it is so personal to your client, I am sure it will be cherished!

  2. Most appreciated post. Process sequences are things I like to see, and your pen work is inspiring. I especially like the way all the movement contrasts with that very still house. Thanks, Laurie =]

    1. Thanks for checking out my post and also for your comment! I hadn't thought (consciously) about the movement vs. stillness aspect of these drawings and I think your observation is really interesting.