Monday, November 23, 2015

Paul and His Beast

I am excited to share a wonderful middle grade chapter book, Paul and His Beast. Written by Sarah Stup, the book is about a sixth grader with autism who is working hard to be successful in a regular middle school.  It's a great story and gives the reader very thoughtful insight into what it's like to have autism.  

I was honored to create the cover and interior illustrations for the book.  The photo above shows the printed book and I'm including some of the interior illustrations below.


Sarah Stup is an author with autism.  To read more about Sarah, her writings, visit her website at  Paul and His Beast is available through the site as well.


  1. Wonderful work, Laurie! Really love the pen work. Congratulations!

  2. Really beautiful work...and a very worthwhile book. It must have been quite a challenge, but your illustrations are friendly and accessible as well as being up to the usual LC standard!

    1. Thank you, Iain! Sorry it's taken so long for me to reply. With no good explanation, I missed the comments here!