Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Illustration Friday: "Lesson"

I don't know what the lesson is that I should be taking from all the things that have happened recently in the world and in the United States.  Maybe everybody's lesson is different.  Who knows?  Creating this was comforting in a way so maybe my lesson is here somewhere.

For a follow-up lesson, click here!


  1. I think this illustration is perfect for IF's topic.
    Lesson: "Stop and enjoy life every chance you get... life is precious."
    Such a beautiful illustration - reminds me of my childhood, hanging out with my dog.

  2. This so perfectly says "American home". It really evokes wonderful, nostalgic feelings. Lovely!

  3. Contemplation. That's a great interpretation of 'Lesson'.

  4. What a wonderful illustration, prefect.