Monday, May 2, 2011

Quiet Time Doodles

This is my latest sketchbook page, done quickly in a bit of quiet time.  I was so disappointed that I didn't have my trusty ballpoint pen with me but I had a felt-tip.  There are things about the felt-tip pen that make it trickier than a ballpoint though.  You can't make really light lines to lay out your idea;  every line is dark.  And felt-tip blobs a little bit and you tend to get little ink spots on your hand if you rest it on the drawing before the ink is dry.  You can't really get a feel of shading as well with a felt-tip either.  All that being said,   it was still fun to sketch with and perfection isn't an option because, like the ballpoint, there's no erasing!


  1. Regardless of your challenges with the felt-tip, these sketches are very nice. You should aim for more quiet time--it looks very productive!

  2. Wow, wonderful! Such expression!